Quebec Airport/Saying Goodbye

Day 1 (43 days ago). I won’t get into this melodramatic first phase of my trip because, well, it’s depressing. But I would like to say this to the people I had to leave: You like to think it’s harder for you because you stayed behind, but, trust me, it’s harder for me because you stayed behind.


The next phase of my trip is a series of those three things:

    1. Fails
    2. Fails
    3. Stupendously inevitable fails

I failed so many times. I could almost hear God himself from above, looking down at me and wisely saying: tsk, tsk, tsk. In a very spiritual/Eat, Pray, Love kind of way, I had my first conversation with God.

God: WTF are you doing?
Me:  I’m trying to travel, all right?
God: The hell were you thinking, planning everything ahead?
Me:  Idk, I just thought—I just—I love plans, all right? I’m a list freak.
God: Girl, you’re embarrassing the real wanderlusts out there.
Me:  I’m really trying.
God: Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Okay. I just made up this one-on-one with God, but it cannot be emphasized enough how every plan that I had made just spectacularly failed. If you think you’re about to read a life-changing journey filled with emotion and valuable lessons, I suggest you watch THIS instead. If you’d rather postpone the life-changing experience and are in for some hard-core rambling, here goes nothing….

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  1. Good job love. Very moving your little “dedicace” to your family. J’ai rie encore une fois en lisant tes fails monumentales des Gorges du Verdon et etc. Je pense que ton blog va aider beaucoup de gens à déstresser avec les voyages, parce qu’ils vont voir que des folies, ça arrive à tout le monde, et qu’au final, c’est peut-etre ça qui rend les voyages encore plus beaux 😀 Keep writting, we’re waiting to be up to date.

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