Alkmaar, Netherlands


Day 13. So, do you like cheese?
If you got the She’s the Man reference, you’re a star. If not, I hope at least you like cheese, because this post isn’t about Channing Tatum, but about cheese. FYI, I’m a huge fan of cheese.

If Channing Tatum were to ask me if I like cheese, I would totally be like this. Or have any other embarrassing reaction. Because cheese … I mean. CHEESE.

Just so good.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Wait. There is a point. Alkmaar Cheese Market, also called Audrey’s Heaven. I won’t describe my trip to Alkmaar Cheese Market, because that would just be more embarrassing for me. Cheese makes me lose my words. So I’ll just cut to the cheese (ah!) and show you some pictures.


Cheese everywhere.


If you plan to go:
From April to the beginning of September
Every Friday from 10 am to 12:30 (get there around 9:30)
On the Waagplein

Fails: NONE! As if God himself led me to the cheese paradise!
Total: 28

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  1. Ahahaha la blague avec Channing Tatum. Tu ressemblerais clairement à ça. Je meurs. Jmennuie dte regarder vivre et interagir socialement et mourrir. 😞 Avais tu acheter du fromage là-bas finalement jme rappelle pu ?


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