Amsterdam, Netherlands

DSCF3789 Day 14. So, besides Anne Frank Huis, I’ll admit there wasn’t that much I was interested in doing in Amsterdam. I figured I’d just walk around with a map and get a feel of the city. First mistake.

I had taken pictures of a map at the train station, and for some reason it didn’t show the same roads than the actual roads. A few names were different, others downright missing. So my excursion to Vondelpark never happened. My attempt of finding some Fault in our Stars spots also failed. Repeatedly.

Yep, I’m a groupie. Sue me.

I was just so tired. I had been wrestling with a locker at the station again, and I ended up forgetting to put one of my bags in the locker before I locked it. Result: I carried my dirty laundry all over Amsterdam on a 35ºC day.

It was hot. I was also out of water so I stopped to buy a bottle at a McDonalds, and it felt weird to buy only water at McDonalds, so I ordered fries as well. Um. Mistake. It cost me about 7€. That’s over ten Canadian bucks. In any McDonalds in Quebec, the fries would’ve been 2-3$ and the water free. Also, my fries could’ve been turned into a poutine, but I don’t want to talk about poutine right now; I might cry.

I was just so tired that I ended up at the movie theatre. And yes, I could hear God again, lecturing me as I bought my ticket.

God: A shame to all the real wanderlusts.
Me: But it’s so hot…
God: A shaaaaame.

But then the movie started and smothered his imperial voice. I soon forgot about him; the movie was good. The theatre itself (Pathé Tuschinski) was really great. It had a Broadway cachet, with red velvet seats and chandeliers.
And did I mention AC?
Man, I don’t regret that choice.

In my defense, I did do a crucial stop of Amsterdam the day before. Anne Frank Huis. Tip for those who plan to do it: get there early. The queue continued for two streets, no kidding. I had to wait for two hours, and I was told it can go up to five hours on busy days. (Could that have anything to do with John Green’s novel? Just wondering.)


But that museum was such an amazing experience.
Do it.
It’s an order.

Fail Count: 5
Total: 33

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  1. J’arrive pas à croire que jsuis aller à Amsterdam, mais que je suis pas aller au musée d’Anne Frank. J’ai honnêtement honte. Et eum … le mcdonald … WEIRD. On se fera une poutine 3 fromages a ton retour 💕😀


    1. Hello, Michael. I had been told by several people at the hostel that it wasn’t really worth buying tickets in advance (which were no longer available anyway) since the waiting time would still be very long. When I got there, there was indeed a queue for those with tickets, which was just as long as the one for those without tickets. And the ticket holders didn’t seem to have some kind of priority on the rest.
      But maybe it was only because of the high season (August) and it was just crazy with people. Maybe your tip is a good one for the rest of the year! So thank you for pointing it out!


      1. There is a simple solution to that. Amsterdam has many other Jewish sights that are a)more accessible b)cheaper and c)much more interesting and deep than the Anne Frank house, which is a hype and a gimmick. Its something the crowds tick off their bucket list without thinking about the meaning of it and in my opinion totally not worth the effort.


        1. I don’t think there’s one WW2 memorial more “worth the effort” or “deep” than another, but I respect your opinion on the matter. So that your comment remains on the informative track, would you mind naming a few of those Jewish sights you’re referring to? Even though I disagree with point C, points A and B might be interesting to a future traveller.


          1. I think that memorials, just like anything else, come in different qualities. And to be exact, the Anne Frank House is a Holocaust memorial, not a WW2 one.

            To be informative, here are a couple of useful links:

            I have been to many of the Jewish sights in Amsterdam (and elsewhere) and I found the Hollandsche Schowburg, for example, much more interesting, involving, moving and relevant than the fairy tale house of Anne Frank and the impossible crowds there. The Jewish Historical Museum has an amazing collection of artifacts and stories from the hundreds of years of Amsterdam Jewish history. I haven’t been to the Dutch Resistance Museum but it gets very positive reviews and is especially valued by people with children. Besides, there are many other Jewish (and Holocaust) heritage sights in the Netherlands, like Kamp Westerbork. Hope this provides sufficient information.

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        2. Hi Michael.

          If I may, I would point out that Anne Frank’s house is a classic, especially for those who read the journal. You are kind enough to suggest other attractions, more meaningful in your opinion, but it’s nobody’s right to denigrate a historic site that touches others deeply.

          That’s my opinion.



  2. Hi Audrey !

    I dont’t know if you’re still around East Europe, but may I suggest you go next to Croatia ? Plitvice lakes are simply amazing, and the architecture of Pula will amaze you.

    Give me some news if you have the chance to go there.

    Such a pleasure reading you !




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