5 Reasons Why Time Is Slower in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar Port
DAY 71. 
There’s just no way, no way, that I find my hostel on the first try. I always get lost, even though I check the routes 12 976 times first. In Zadar, for some reason, every street that I took led me to the beach—which could’ve been bloody magical if I hadn’t been carrying 12 976 kg of luggage, because the weather was perrrfect.

As soon as I checked in, I hurried to the Old Town since I’d been told it would rain for the following days of my stay. I sat in the middle of ruins and wrote about everything. About all I did in my trip, about what I want to do with my life, about the fact that I’d been travelling for more than 2 months already. Everything goes so fast. We say that all the time, but when you actually stop to reflect on that, it’s baffling how quick time goes by.

Zadar was a great place to take a pause. Over there, I felt like things were going at a slower pace. In fact, I built the theory that time really is slower in this part of Croatia, and I think 5 main factors generate this alteration of the Time Continuum, simply by their unconceivable beauty.

  1. The Curious Lights of the Solar Panels
  2. The Sun Setting Behind the Islands
  3. The Trees of Park Vladimira Nazora
    DSCF5465 (2)
  4. The Tranquility of the Old Town
  5. The Mysterious Melodies of the Sea Organs
    DSCF5424 (2)

And yes, it eventually started to rain and I was wearing flip-flops and the tiles were SO slippery in the Old Town it took me about 30 additional soaked minutes to make it back to the hostel. But that might have been 5 minutes in the rest of the world. You never know.

Fail Count: 2
Total: 93

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Time Is Slower in Zadar, Croatia

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  1. Wow ! It sure looks peaceful. The picture you put at the begging of your post is incredible. Takes out my breath… the mountains, the boats.. wow. I would sure like to go there someday. Great post Audrey btw. I like your ending “But that might have been 5 minutes in the rest of the world. You never know.” It’s funny.


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