Seville, Spain

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Day 97
. I have to say, we almost gave up on Seville. The city just didn’t seem to want us. But I’m so glad we persevered. 

It started when we learned we couldn’t depart from Toledo to go to Seville; we had to go back to Madrid from where we’d take a train. But it was somehow impossible to buy online tickets (the transaction failed every time.) So we took a bus to Madrid the next morning, with all of our bags, and headed to the train station via the subway. At the train station, we submitted to our inability to use the self-service machines, and headed to the counter where about fifty people were already waiting. We took a ticket, waited for thirty-five minutes, only to be told that all the trains to Seville were full until the next morning.

Option B: Bus.

We asked our way to the bus station to 3 different people and received 3 different directions. We decided to take the metro back to the bus station we’d been at in the morning, where we were informed the departures to Seville occurred at a different bus station. So we took the metro again to go to that other bus station where we briefly queued in the wrong line, and then, fina-freaking-lly, we could buy our tickets to Seville. The next bus that wasn’t full was a night bus, departing at 18:00. It was only 14:30. (I honestly don’t know why the hell everyone left for Seville that week-end.)

We patiently waited in the only restaurant with Wi-Fi at the station (Wowble), drank a really weird juice with jelly bubbles, and planned carefully our stay in Seville, since we’d just lost an entire day trying to get there.

At two in the morning, after the bumpiest bus ride ever that thoroughly forbade us to sleep, we arrived and hopped in a taxi to our hostel. The driver evidently didn’t know the address, because he dropped us in the middle of the road and said, “La segunda calle a la izquierda,” but the second street on the left didn’t lead to our destination.

At all.

It was more like the third on the right, then the second on the left, then all the way through the park, then left, right, left, left, right, tadaa! Fortunately, Spanish party a lot, so there were lots of people meandering in the streets, ready to help us.

And at last we slept, unaware that the following days would be tremendously beautiful, the churros heavenly delicious, and that the bus, three metro rides, night bus, taxi, and walk, would be totally worth it.

1. Plaza de Toros


2. Alcázar de Seville


3. Jewish Quarter


4. Plaza de España


5. Maria Luisa Park


Fail Count: 9
Total: 132

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