Top 7 Places in Europe to Write (or Read)

As I mentioned before, one thing I love to do when I travel is to find a nice spot where to spark my imagination and write. So here are my favourite European ones so far.

7. Botanic Garden of Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw’s Botanic Garden is splendid, and genuinely peaceful, so it’s a perfect place to spend the day walking around, sitting from time to time to let the words
darken the pages of your notebook.

6. The Elephant House, Edinburgh, Scotland
elephant house

Since I’m a J.K Rowling fan, I had to spend at least one afternoon at the famous café where she wrote pieces the books that made me want to read/write. I just had to. Despite the fact that it’s now considerably busy, it’s still an amazing place to have a hot chocolate with a book. Don’t leave without visiting the small bathrooms, where other fans expressed their love of Harry’s–let’s say it–perfect world.

5. Holy Blood Cathedral, Bruges, Belgium DSCF3432

Not that I’m very pious, but I love to write in cathedrals and churches. The architecture is always so rich, and offers thousands of details that can inspire the creation and description of a setting. For some reason, in Holy Blood, ideas kept flowing in my notebook.

4. Beaulieu, Vienna, Austria


French little café and market, hidden under a lovely passage in Vienna‘s city center. Precise address here. Desserts are heaven.

3. Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany


Probably what I liked the most of Berlin. The park is gigantic, beautiful, calm. A writer’s heaven. Check out my top cafés in Berlin to write/read.

2. Lokrum Island, Croatia


Just a 15-min boat ride from Dubrovnik, the island is full of wonders. Wandering peacocks and rabbits, the throne of Game of Thrones in an old building in the middle, a natural pool where you can do cliffjumping, and on. You can easily spend a day there;
walking, tanning, reading, writing.

1. The Parade Gardens, Bath, England

Simple paradise. Bath is Jane Austen’s hometown, and the place where most of her characters were brought to life. Bath is frozen in Mr. Darcy’s era, and it’s easy to travel in time, forget about the present, and write for a whole day. Austen’s fans might recognize many spots from the movies.

Is there a particular place in Europe (or elsewhere in the world) that became your own writing/reading oasis? Feel free to share!

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