8 Things We Do When Back From a Long Trip

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

I was talking with a friend traveller and we realized that, besides the obvious–seeing back everyone, half-unpacking, doing your laundry–there are multiple things we never thought we would miss during a long trip abroad. Here’s my list:


  1. Sit on the toilet: Deep down, I’m a germaphobe.
  2. Take a long bath: I rarely miss it while travelling, but as soon as I’m back and I see the bath it hits me, and I take baths for a whole month.
  3. Put on different shoes, clothes, anything DIFFERENT: I just can’t look at what I’ve been wearing for four months.
  4. Look at my reflection in every mirror I pass: It’s not something I do a lot when I travel; sometimes I don’t even have access to a mirror, so it’s weird to notice the changes in my face after that long.
  5. Open the cupboard: O.M.G. What’s that word again? Choice? I actually have a choice else than spaghetti or tomato sandwich? I’m going to cook the neighborhood some crazy elaborate meal just ’cause I can.
  6. Spend a day in reading books and watching movies: Uniting with my old life. There’s a lot of catching up to do.
  7. Give away half of your clothes: It can come harsh as a slap, the realization that you actually don’t need that many clothes. But the act of giving away two huge bags full of your clothes … liberating.
  8. Discover your own city: After all, the wanderlust in you never trully fades.


What do you guys do first when you’re back from a long trip? What things you find yourself missing when you’re abroad?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

9 thoughts on “8 Things We Do When Back From a Long Trip

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  1. i love the sitting on toilet one. I don’t consider myself a germophobe but i only sit on MY own toilet and maybe family members’ toilets and some fancy hotel toilets. ok, tmi. haha. but i usually look forward to sleeping in MY own bed 🙂

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  2. Probably wearing something I hadn’t worn in a long time. I was so bored with my limited wardrobes while traveling haha. And eating my familiar food 😀

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    1. Yes, that’s probably one of the worst! There are clothes that used to be my favourite and that I’ve grown sick of wearing in just the first weeks of travelling. Tragedy. Thanks for sharing, Marica!


  3. Yes to number 7! There is just too much choice in my wardrobe when I come back. I also always look forward to washing my clothes (and self!) after coming home. The thing I miss the most when travelling is the variety of food options I get in my own city so that all my food cravings can finally be satisfied!

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