Big Island, Hawaii

What I loved about Big Island was the extremes. Tropical rains on one side, beautiful sun on the other, snow at the summit of Mauna Kea.


The other thing that I loved was the Ecohostel, in Hilo. Situated in the very middle of the rainforest, you can camp with the noises of the outdoors—birds and stars and trees—shower under rainwater, and book a guided tour to the volcano not so far.



But what I loved to most was the fact that everybody is so relaxed and helpful. Google Maps royally misinformed us about the walk to the James Cook Memorial; we thought it would take 20 min max but as we walked along the road, a car stopped and a girl asked where we were heading to.

Guess what?

We still had 3-4 hours of walking before we got to our destination, but the woman gently offered us a lift, and it was just as easy to get a free transportation back, in the back of an open truck, with a dog drooling on my legs, and me not giving a damn.


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  1. I do like the drooling dog. Back of trucks, squashed buses and share taxi mini buses always make for good stories after the event! The comment about the Google map giving you the incorrect time is interesting – it effects you getting there or not, can put in you in a risky situation and most importantly means you are not mentally prepared. Haven’t been to Hawaii – the photos are lovely.


    1. Thanks, and yes, I’ll admit we were definitely not properly prepared for the day ahead. There wasn’t enough info on how to get to the memorial on the web and we should’ve asked at the hostel instead of trusting google maps. Fortunately, my travel mistakes make me a better traveler!

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  2. The ecohostel sounds amazing! I’m making a note of it, if I ever make my way to Hawaii 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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