6 Tips To Make Your Dream Trips Happen

Signs in Belgrade, Serbia

Besides the obvious budget/trip planning, there’s a big step to cross in order to make your dream adventures happen, and it’s to actually stop visualizing it as a dream, and consider the reality of it. At least that how it works for me. And here’s how I do it:

  1. Tell everybody that you’re leaving. Even set a date. When they see you again, they’ll ask about it and there’s no bigger push than to have someone expect you to do something. Even tell strangers—you might fall on someone who’s already been to your dream destination and who can give you a few advices, as well as a bigger crave to leave.
  2. Meditate. Repeating a mantra while focussing on your breathing can do magic on the mind. It’s like a brain massage, plus it takes away the doubts and fears and switch your default setting from I So Badly Want To Go, to OMG, I’m Really Doing This? Okay, Let Me Get My Shit Together And I’m Ready To Go.
  3. Every time you want to eat out (or even just have a coffee) tell yourself you’ll pay for that meal (or coffee) abroad. Undoubtedly my only way to resist temptation. Really.
  4. Buy a photo album, picture frames, and a new travel journal. The itch to fill those little darlings will make you look at your dream straight in the eye and do something about it.
  5. Work somewhere related to travel (airport, tourism, travel agency). Yes! I’m talking about pure self-torture, here. But it’s effective, and isn’t this post about getting results? (It is.) Plus you’ll definitely learn some travel tips.
  6. Plan to go with someone else. You’ll motivate each other, and having a travel buddy happens to remove a crapload of unnecessary fears. But if your TB bails at the last minute, DON’T change your mind. Thank him for making the planning easier, and show him how you make things happen. 😉
Belvedere in Vienna, Austria

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  1. I’m looking for a new job right now, and so my concern is vacation time. I would LOVE to go to Europe next October/November… if possible, two weeks in a row, because I have one city I want to see again since it’s my old stomping grounds (Prague), one city in Germany which should be celebrating a 500th anniversary for a certain event at that time, and maybe one or two new cities in a different country. If I’m going to spend that much on airfare, then by golly I want to spend as much time abroad as possible. Sigh. I have too many places on my bucket list 😀 But I’m concerned that my future new employers wouldn’t want to give a new employee that much time off in a row.

    I also would love to travel with someone else. When I was abroad my last time, I was alone and not fun at all. It’s great to be with someone to share memories with and have that “oh gosh, remember that time when/where…?” with. Also, being with a travel partner helps to fight off any feelings of homesickness.

    Good post!

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    1. That’s great for Germany’s 500th anniversary. What event is it? It’ll be such a nice time to visit, then.
      I totally agree; it’s great to have someone to remember the stories with, but it’s hard to find that perfect travel buddy. It can also make the trip terrible if you discover you don’t get along at all with the other person and you’re stuck with him/her for the rest of the trip. But I truly hope you find that travel buddy, Marica! And that your new job allows you to have enough time to travel. Always a pleasure to hear from you! 🙂


      1. On October 31, 2017, it’ll be the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses in Wittenberg. 🙂 I thought it would be a fun and interesting event to see if it has any big celebrations… I haven’t done much research into next year, though.

        And I love your blog! I miss traveling (especially abroad) and I can’t wait to do it again… so I’m living vicariously through your blog in the meantime 😀


        1. That sounds like a very interesting event indeed and you still have a good year ahead to plan it!
          We share a mutual passion then! If I’m not travelling or dreaming about travelling, you can be sure that I’m writing about it!
          Thanks! It means a lot!


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