5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With Bath, England

The first time I travelled on my own, I went to England. (Yes. Because I’m a Harry Potter fan—always.) As much as I thought I would fall in love with London, I didn’t. I fell in love with Bath.


  1. Because it happens to be Jane Austen’s home city, and where most of her novels take place. I could recognize several streets from the movie adaptations, which 18-year-old-groupie-me was ecstatic about.

    Inside the Jane Austen’s Centre
  2. Because the tea experience skims the magical. When everybody seems in a hurry in London, in Bath, they’re much more relaxed, and in restaurants, people definitely take their time to enjoy afternoon tea. Plus the scones are amazing.
  3. Because the place is gorgeous and authentic, frozen into Mr. Darcy’s era. While it has its British character, it’s not crowded with tourists all year long.
  4. Because of Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. Yes, because of a book shop, okay? It’s cozy, it’s friendly, and it has an awesome Reading Booth that you can rent.
  5. Because it’s near Stonehenge. And Stonehenge is where the fairies are born. I respect that.


Have you ever visited Bath? What did you love the most about it? (Or hated?)

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  1. We had planned to visit Bath on my last trip to England, but we ran out of time. (However, we did get to witness a Druid ceremony at Stonehenge.) Next time I go, I will be sure to include Bath on my itinerary!

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