The Twin Gene

177 words
Short Story
Written by: Audrey Francis-Plante

They say the twin gene skips a generation, but in my family, it’s everywhere. My grandmother had a twin sister. My mother has a twin brother. I have a twin sister. And I’m pregnant of triplets.

“You’re not ready to be a mother,” my mom gently said when I announced it on Sunday brunch. “Especially not of three at once.”

I glanced at Sam for support; he’d just told me that morning I’d be the greatest mother, but then something weird happened. He wouldn’t look at me. He fixed my sister’s shoes. “Three’s a little overwhelming,” he mumbled.

“Very overwhelming,” my mother chimed in.

“Pardon me?” A silence followed my words.

I turned to my sister for help, but she was quiet too, holding a cushion to her belly.

The way Sam avoided my gaze hinted that he was ashamed. “Who is she?” Something broke inside of me when he didn’t defend himself.

“I’m sorry,” he replied. “But she’s pregnant too. Twins.”

Who is she? I suddenly hated our genes for making the answer so obvious.

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  1. I like how the mother immediately tells her opinion about how the woman isn’t ready. I am a bit confused about the “Who is she” part. Would you mind explaining, please? Sorry!


    1. Sure, no worries! She realizes through her boyfriend’s behaviour that he’s cheating on her and asks him “Who is she?” but he’s too ashamed to answer, he only says that the other woman is also pregnant of twins. The second “Who is she?” in italics is her thoughts, when she makes the math of her quiet sister hiding her belly and her twin gene, and realizes her sister the mistress.
      I’m sorry the ending was a bit unclear, but I’m glad you asked!
      Thanks for reading!


  2. Ha.ha.ha. He cheated with the sister, what a dreadful thing. I was a bit confused by the ending too. Maybe if she was pregnant with twins and the sister too and the husband talked about four babies it would have made more sense ? I dont know. But great idea.

    By the way, Audrew has a twin brother named Drew. 🙂

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