18 Tips to Read More

DSCF68491. Read audiobooks.

2. Take the bus or walk. 

Not only you’ll be Earth-friendly, but you’ll be able to use that time to read. (Yes, I read as I walk, it’s a thing. Maybe not on busy streets, but it’s a thing.)

3. Alternate the lenghts of the books.

4. Alternate the forms.

(Scripts to plays to collections of short stories to comics…)

5. Read what you love.

This may sound silly, but I know a lot of people who focus on a certain branch of literature because they think the rest doesn’t really count, and they never finish a book. Guess what? Anything with words count! And once you have a reading routine, you’ll read the other genres more easily.

6. Read aloud.

It’s the only way I don’t read the same sentences over and over again when I’m tired.

7. Don’t feel bad about reading several books at the same time.

It helps to have a different kind of reading for each mood. When I’m happy I read YA, when I’m thoughtful I read Dickens, when I’m exhausted I read a script so there’s just dialogue. And no, I don’t get mixed up. If I do, it’s not my fault for reading too many books, it’s the book’s fault, unfortunately, for not being unique enough.

8. Carry a small book EVERYWHERE.

9. Set reading goals.

Are you a goal-oriented person? Do you crave for the satisfying feeling of checking things off lists? We’re alike! So maybe like me, you’ll take your reading goals very seriously.

10. Be a rebel: Pick a book by its cover.

If it’s love at first sight, why trying to stop it?

11. Read books with movie adaptations. 

You’ll hurry to finish it before someone who saw the movie spoils you the ending.

12. Evaluate…

Be honest here: How much time you spend every day on Facebook or other social apps? Every time I log in for a 2-minute break, I stay embarrasingly long watching videos of cats. Split that time in two, then spend half of it on Facebook, and the other half on reading. (Yes, actually time yourself when on Facebook.)

13. Make a big thing out of the reading session.

Tea, candles, background music, favourite slippers and blanket, DO NOT DISTURB sign, massage your feet, spray perfume. Cherish your five senses. Maybe with a picnic at the park. Tanning by the pool right after the lawn was mowed. Or in a café at a quiet hour. Anything, but make this a tradition you’ll want to keep alive.

14. Surround yourself with book lovers. 

They are out there. You can find them with one simple question: Do you like books? Why not join a book club while you’re at it?

15. Keep a journal of what you read.

Rate the books, make a resume. It’s fun! Plus there’s nothing sadder than an empty journal…

16. When you love an author, read his/her other books.

You already trust him to make the novel awesome, so your mind is open and the reading flows.

17. Read series.

It’s easier to dive in a story when you already know the characters and the world.

18. Cheat. 

If it’s really a labour to finish a book, skip a few pages. I know, I know. That’s a sin, and I don’t encourage it. But, please, don’t make the reading experience suck because of one book you don’t relate to.

So I hope this helps. Happy reading everyone!
Feel free to share if you have more tips!

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