My Summer TBR


It took a while for summer to finally settle here in Quebec, but now that it’s officially here–or at least let’s hope so–I can finally make a list of my To Be Read books for the summer! Some of those titles are also on my 2016 Reading Challenge, (it’s not going so well; I need focus) some are brand new books I can’t wait to begin, and some are just perfect for the summer season. Anyhow, here is the list:

  1. Throne of Glass series, by Sarah J. Maas
    I read the first one and I’m SUPER excited about this series! Can’t wait to completely dive in Celeana’s world!
    Throne of Glass, Finished
    Crown of Midnight, Finished
    Heir of Fire, Finished
    Queen of Shadows
  2. The Rosie Effect, Graeme Simsion
    Sequel to The Rosie Project, which was awesome.
  3. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
  4. Fire, Kristin Cashore
    Second book in the Graceling series.
  5. I Know Why the Caged Bird Signs, Maya Angelou
  6. To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf
  7. The City of Ember, Jeanne DuPrau  Finished
  8. Anna and the French Kiss, Stephenie Perkins Finished
    Light, funny summer read set in France? Yes, please!
  9. Half Brother, Kenneth Oppel
  10. Not a Drop to Drink, Mindy Mcginnis Finished
    No reading list is complete without a good dystopian 🙂
  11. All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr
  12. The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom Finished
  13. All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven Finished
    Okay, this one I read already, but OMG did I love it. I feel like I more devoured it than anything else, so it deserves to be slowly read, one afternoon by the pool. (For the first half, that is. For the second half, I’ll obviously be locked in my room, under a crushing pile of blankets, crying.)

So there you have it! My 13 TBR of the summer!
What do you think? Have you read any of those books? 
Let me know in the comments! 

Have a great summer everyone!

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  1. The Throne of Glass series and Anna and the French Kiss are some of my favorite books. They are awesome summer reads and I think you’ll really enjoy them. I haven’t read Fire yet and haven’t seen many reviews about it so I’m eager to see what people have to say about it so definitely post a review. It would be greatly appreciated. Lol. 😉 Great TBR altogether!


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  2. I am a monumentally HUGE fan of Sarah J Maas. The ToG series just gets better and better and I just hope you love it! 🙂 Also by SJM is A Court of Thorns and Roses and if you like fairytale retellings with a twist this is perfect for you 🙂

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      1. Yep!! A Court of Mist & Fury is actually the second book in the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series where book one is also called A Court of Thorns and Roses. I can understand why you would mix them up though because ACoMAF has been *everywhere*, everyone loves it and is freaking out. Its totally worth the hype, its absolutely ***fantastic and flawless***. However, back to the original point, it is a retelling! But its also very very original. Its great. SJM is a phenomenal writer ❤

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  3. AWESOME list you have here! YAY for summer reading – I may need to add some new books to be TBR… As everyone is saying in the comments yesss for Sarah J Maas. Also Anna and the French Kiss is so suitable for summer 😀

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    1. I haven’t even watched The Kite Runner! But I was told it’s a must, and when I saw there was a book I couldn’t help it: I HAVE to read it first!
      P.S. I truly recommend Jennifer Niven’s All The Bright Places (it’ll be my second read) 😀

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  4. Love your Summer TBR list, so many great books! I agree that A Court of Thorns and Roses is a must read. It’s my #1 favorite series right now (and I don’t see it changing any time soon).

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