Montréal, Québec


Problem: Last week, I went to Montréal with a list of things to do, and I came back with an even bigger list of things to do the next time I go.

This seems to happen everytime I travel somewhere, but in Montréal, there really is a lot to do. Anyway, here’s what I did in only a few days.

On the first day I stopped by Marché aux Puces St-Michel, and oh my did I wish I had a truck to bring back loads of treasures. I truly intend to go back with a car so I can buy some stuff. The place is HUGE, and really cool.

Then I stopped by the Marché Jean-Talon, a really nice market where I bought some fresh food for the week before I settled into my first hostel, which, looking back, probably was my favourite of the three hostels I did.

Check it out! Le Gite du Plateau Mont-Royal

Biodôme de Montréal

On the second day, a Monday, I discovered most things are closed in Montréal: museums, shops, Biodôme … So I walked under the rain along St-Hubert street and stopped by the few fabric stores that were open, and found some great fabrics.

Then I spent the evening in Café Aunja, where I wrote and read and life was perfect. (Great café, I really recommend!)

The third day was busy. I spent the day at the Biodôme and the Planétarium, and I probably would’ve done the Botanical Garden as well if the weather hadn’t been so gray. Still, it was a great day. I especially recommend the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan. It’s really cool!



The next day I visited the Notre-Dame Basilica; it’s really impressive and beautiful. I didn’t know about this, but apparently if you go around 6 p.m, there’s a light show happening inside, which must be amazing, because the place is already a firework of colours.



In my final days, I mostly walked through the Vieux-Port, went through the numerous thrift shops of the city, then I tried to hike up Mont Royal, but there was too much snow for my poor shoes. I also attempted a trip to Parc Jean-Drapeau only to realize the place was under construction for the month. So, yeah, I have to go back!

Especially this year, since it’s the 375th anniversary of Montreal and there will be a bunch of festivals and activities planned for the summer! Until then, thanks for reading everyone!

Walking through the Vieux-Port



9 thoughts on “Montréal, Québec

      1. Ahhhh! Je m’en doutais un peu, mais je ne voulais pas présumer! Ce serait un réel plaisir de faire connaissance 🙂

        Je vais attendre de tes nouvelles pour ta visite de mai! Cet été devrait être plein de surprises avec le 375eme anniversaire qui bat son plein 🙂

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