What I Remember of Calgary, Alberta

My trip through West Canada went by so fast I feel like I forgot half of it. But there are a few things about Calgary that I know I won’t forget. Here they are:

I remember Calgary Tower being referred to as  the smallest tall tower (190 meters).


I remember that every local I met gave me this weird look when I said I was visiting, and said, ‘But there’s nothing to see.’


I remember finding a weird, unique sculpture at every street corner.


Every corner.


I remember using the C-Train free fare zone a lot. (I mean, it’s free!)


I remember spending an entire afternoon taking pictures of that cool head from every angle.





I remember spending a day reading in the Olympic Plaza and feeling like life was pretty amazing.




That’s it for me!

Have you guys been to Calgary?

Let me know what you thought in the comments! 🙂




23 thoughts on “What I Remember of Calgary, Alberta

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      1. I was there in Fall and accidentally came across a free concert in downtown. I have never visited the tower, just saw it from afar. When were you there? It was not winter from your pix I suppose.

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  1. The art seems impressive. I really like picture #3 Hi.Hi.Hi. I did not know Calgary was so artsy, what a great discovery. I am under the impression that Canada is more about the landscapes than anything else. Am I mistaken ?

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  2. Beautiful! I like the cute sculpture of the colorful squirrels/woodland creatures 😀 And that head is really cool!

    (I’m *slowly* catching up on posts haha)

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  3. Great pics, very good article so I am going to reblog it for you. I used to be a long haul truck driver and that is how I was able to get up to Calgary, what I remember about was that the people were very friendly, it was very clean and it gets very cold there in the winter, and the winters are way to long.


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