7 Types of Travellers in Youth Hostels

You think about giving a try to youth hostels and you want to know what to expect? Then this post is for you!


The thing I remember most about my trips is the people I meet, and with time I’ve come to notice the travellers I see in dorms usually fall in one of the following categories:

1. The Sleeper

He’s been travelling for a while, and he kind of just wants a week off, sleeping and Netflixing all day. He made a tent with his bedsheets as a Fuck Off Warning. (Always found in bed, no matter the time of the day.)


2. The Gatherer

Travelling alone, but somehow always in the middle of a group. Give him five minutes in a new hostel and he’ll know everyone’s names and origins and be forming a group to play board games and bake cookies. (Usually found in the kitchen area.)


3. The One Who Made No Plans

He doesn’t have a return ticket, has no clue where he sleeps tonight, and literally just walked into the hostel to ask if there’s any bed available. He’ll just go with the flow and follow people wherever they go. (Usually found in common rooms.)


4. The One Who Planned Out Every Minute

He only managed to get one week off, and he’s on a mission to check everything off his London Bucket List. First one to wake up, last to go to bed, eats out, and hoards souvenirs. (Usually found at the reception desk asking for info.)


5. The Party Animal

Generally Aussie, he’s the first on the list of participants for the Pub Crawl. Like the Gatherer, he likes to form groups but it’s likely he’ll get lost in the city in the middle of the night, or end up at a party hosted by a local met in the first bar of the Pub Crawl. (Usually found on the outside terrace.)


6. The Job Seeker

When you check in, he’s this smiling, optimistic expat looking for a cool job and flat in this beautiful new city. When you check out a week later, he’s deflated and willing to work at the nearest McDonalds. (Usually found in front of his laptop, near the reception area.)


7. The Nomad Couple

They met three years ago in India, fell in love at first sight, got married in Bali, and have been travelling the world together ever since. They make you crazy jealous, but they’re so awesome it’s impossible not to love them. (Usually found separately, one of them being a Gatherer and the other The One Who Planned Out Every Minute because of course they complete each other.)


There they are. There are many more, of course, but those are the ones I meet the most often. (Also, truth be told, I’ve been myself in most categories, depending on my mood!)

Let me know if I forgot anyone!

Happy travels!

9 thoughts on “7 Types of Travellers in Youth Hostels

Add yours

    1. Haha had to pick the generic ”he” for this post to avoid the annoying “He or she”. Please, forgive me haha. Of course, there are just as many single girls travelling solo than boys, me being one of these girls haha.


    1. No that’s fine! It really depends tbh. There are all kinds of hostels out there, you just need to choose the one that’s right for you and you’ll have an amazing time! (I browse on hostelworld.com. They rate everything–cleanliness, location, staff.) There are hostels that are clearly for partying, they usually have a bar and a bunch of social activities offered every night, and they tend to have huge dorms with 20+ beds. Others are quiet and offer 4-bed or 8-bed dorms. Of course, the less there are beds, the more expensive it gets because it usually means you’ll sleep better haha. Prices change in every city but right now I’m in Granada, Nicaragua, and I’m paying 10$ for a 6-bed dorm. Yesterday I was paying 15$ a night in an awesome hostel for a 4-bed dorm with our private bathroom and kitchen. (HC Blau in San Juan del Sur if you want to check it out on hostelworld to give you an idea.) I love to talk about hostels ahaha, they’re like my second home haha. So feel free to ask as many questions as you want!


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