Nicaragua without a Plan

I just came back from my trip through Nicaragua, and I want to go back. But this time for a different reason.

I usually travel with a bunch of activities and sightseeing to check off a list, but for once I got on a plane with absolutely no idea of what I’d be doing once at my destination. Acutally, that’s a lie. The one thing I knew I wanted to do was volcano-boarding and I never did it–ah!

View from Iglesia La Merced, Granada

This trip was about waking up every morning and having absolutely no idea whatsoever of what I’d be doing that day. And I think Nicaragua is the perfect place for such a trip, because it’s so easy to meet people. In every youth hostel I stayed in, I met a dozen of awesome travellers, most of them travelling on their own, and we quickly bonded around a bottle of Rum Flor de Caña before going out to explore the beautiful cities we were in.

Ferry to Ometepe Island

Also, most travellers are doing the same ”loop” around Nicaragua–from Granada, to Ometepe, to San Juan del Sur, to Léon. So it happens very often to meet a familiar face on a chicken bus or ferry to your next destination.

So if you’re travelling on your own for the first time and are a little bit nervous about it, I think Nicaragua is an awesome choice for you. You’ll never be alone, unless you really want to be.

Anyway, this is just a short post to say I want to go back to Nicaragua, but not because I have a list of things I want to do there. No. Because I want to not make any plans for a little while.

I want to go somewhere where no one else has a plan either.

Where we can all not make plans together.

Playa Hermosa, San Juan del Sur

14 thoughts on “Nicaragua without a Plan

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    1. Yeah, I feel like I’m going to be travelling that way more often, especially in Central America.
      Ahaha, and exactly! Most people I met who’d done the volcano-boarding thing said it wasn’t that much worth it, so I feel pretty good about my decision.


  1. My friend, who was in Nicaragua before going to Guatemala (where she is right now) had a photo of a chicken bus on her Facebook. It was so funny!

    I never really had plans for my excursions in Europe; what I sometimes did (when I was in Prague) was get a train ticket for a nearby town (enough for a day trip) and then I had a day to roam around to the churches, cemeteries, and other points of interest before returning to Prague. It was fun to not have any real plans or expectations 🙂 In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever actually planned out a trip!

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    1. That’s awesome! I usually feel a crazy need to plan every single detail but the more I travel, the less I plan, and honestly I’m starting to fall in love with this way of travelling.

      Chicken buses, I know! They’re so funny! 🙂


  2. This post had such a interesting vibe to it. It’s just wonderful. You begin with an adventurous spirit and it ends in such a heavy note. A feeling of you wishing to run away from your responsibilities and your day to day life. ANYWAYS, I LOVE IT. (Also, Nicaragua looks beautiful.)


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