5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bulgaria

This month, I went to Bulgaria for the first time and I definitely hope I’ll get to go again one day, because I completely fell in love with this beautiful country. And here are 5 reasons why I think you should consider going there.

1. They’ve recently discovered ruins in Sofia

And when I say recently, I mean in the 2000s. As they were digging for metro tunnels, they found a bunch of beautiful ruins dating back to the Roman times. There was already a lot of ruins to see in Bulgaria, but there’s more and more historical jewels to be found every year!


2. It’s budget-friendly

I went there basically because Italy was about to make my wallet combust. It’s really cheap to travel there, so really, you have no excuses not to go.


3. The Square of Religious Tolerance

How awesome is it that there’s a square in Sofia where four religions live in peace with a mosque, a Catholic cathedral, an orthodox church, and a synagogue just a few minutes walk of each other?


4. Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities on Earth

And Europe’s oldest inhabited city. (App. 6000-8000 years old.) The streets and houses in Old Plovdiv are just sooooo beautiful!


5. Because I say so?

Honestly do you need more reasons to go than that? Look at these photos? Doesn’t Bulgaria look downright awesome?

March tradition
Church of St George
Street in Old Plovdiv

Have you guys been to Bulgaria?

Did you like it? Or would you like to go one day?

What did you do or would want to do there?

Let me know in the comments! 🙂

13 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bulgaria

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  1. Your pretty pictures, as always, are your main argument, in my opinion ahah. It makes me think of Czech Republic,or Croatia, am I wrong ? Werent you there last year ?


  2. Lovely photos! Argh, so jealous that you went to Bulgaria! I hope you also got a chance to see some of their folk costumes 🙂

    Bulgaria is on my to-visit list…. eek, now I’m really itching to go! I adore the old Eastern Europe culture, architecture, history, etc.

    I get a week for vacation, and I’m trying to think of where to go. Unfortunately I’d want two weeks for a Europe trip, due to air-travel time and wanting to see a good amount in one place at a time to make my airfare worth it haha.

    You’ve been on quite a few travels over the time I’ve been following your blog. How long is your average trip, especially abroad?


    1. Eastern Europe culture is truly awesome!

      Yeah, you’re right to want at least two weeks in Europe. I get pretty intense ear problems when I fly and sometimes that doesn’t go away for three to four days, during which I don’t really enjoy my trip because I can’t hear much and it hurts, haha. So whenever I fly abroad, I stay for at least two-three weeks. My shortest trip to Europe was 5 weeks, now that I think about it, haha. Like you say, to make the air-fare worth it, I just think I might as well visit more than just one place. Everything is so close!

      But a week is definitely enough to see a big city like Paris, or London, or Rome! (If you find a flight that’s cheap and direct, that is; if you spend a day and a half in planes, than that’s a bit tight in time.)

      Tho, I think if I had a week for vacation I’d probably go to Iceland!



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