Top 5 Travel Moments of 2018

I can’t believe that 12 months ago, I was starting off the new year on a beach in Mexico, celebrating with amazing people from around the world, unaware of what this year was going to be like. (It rocked.)

2018 was a roller-coaster of emotions and even though I definitely had my downs, the ups beat them all. But now the year is coming to an end, and we’ve reached that part of the year that I think I love best: looking back at the awesome memories and dreaming of the adventures to come.

Here’s my Top 5 Travel Moments of 2018:

FIVE: Walking through Europe’s Oldest City

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was one of my favorite places to discover. Ever.


FOUR: Reading by the Eiffel Tower

Even though it wasn’t my first time in Paris, every time I go I get those giggly feelings all over my stomach because it reminds me that my first big trip ever–back when I was barely 19 years old–started in France. And, I mean, it’s Paris, and it’s sunny, and I’m reading a book.

Is this heaven?


THREE: Starting the New Year in Mexico


Just as cool as this post of B&W photos I took in Mexico.


TWO: Writing Retreat in Tuscany

That’s right, I isolated myself for a whole week in the middle of nowhere in this lovely Tuscan home, and I wrote the hell out of my book.


(Florence was also the definition of epic.)


ONE: Sleeping at the Top of a Mountain under the Perseids.

This is a tough one to beat. And as I searched my blog for the lovely post I was convinced I’d written on that topic, I realized that in fact I had not.


I feel so terrible. It’s my #1 and I’m so proud of it and I just forgot I hadn’t covered it. I’m a terrible blogger. I’m profoundly ashamed.

I’ve just been so busy lately editing my manuscript, but I promise to catch up and post this BADASS POST very soon.

That’s it for me!

What were your favorite travel adventures of 2018?

What are your travel goals for the year to come?

Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Travel Moments of 2018

Add yours

  1. Ahhhhh I really want to go to Bulgaria after your post!!!

    In 2018 I only went to Washington DC for four days. It was a nice little re-entry to travel, since my last time doing any sort of travel was 2012! I’m not sure where I will go in 2019 – my first thought was London but now I don’t know if I want to maybe do a city in Belgium or somewhere else lol.

    Happy New Year! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The truth is, I’m plain trash for your travel pictures. I just love them way too much and you can post a picture of a trash can in an aesthetic background and you’ll hear me wax poetic about it.
    PLEASE WRITE THAT POST ABOUT SLEEPING ON THE MOUNTAIN, I’M ALREADY HYPED but take your time, no one’s going anywhere.
    (also soz but reading by the Eiffel tower? swap lives)


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