2018 in Writing

Funny how it felt like I hadn’t accomplished that much in the writing department this year, and when I sat down to make a list I realized it’s been an awesome year! Here are some of the highlights:

1. I got an agent!

I still can’t believe it. An actual agent is willing to represent my manuscript Devonna. HOW COOL IS THAT?


2. I got real (kinda…)

I started posting some of my poetry and songs on AWA, and you guys have been so wonderful in the comments! Thank you! Here are some of my favorite pieces:





FROM IT ALL? – 283 words


3. My most popular writing post of 2018 is…

How to Get out of a Writing Slump.

The day I posted it, I got that lovely WordPress notification that says something like: ”Your stats are booming!” and I still get a few emails about it, so I guess I’ll make similar posts in the future!


4. I self-published a short book

That’s right, folks, and the best part is that Dean & Lily – Season 1 is available for FREE right here! To give you a taste of the D&L’s awesomness, here’s an aesthetic made by the wonderful Nimika! (Check out more of her aesthetics here. It’s an order.)


5. I wrote a book in French!

My first language is French, and even though I much prefer writing in English, there was this one project that was a bit more personal that I just needed to write in French. (It’s about my grand-father.) And I finished it! Yay! And I’m hoping to perfect it and get it published in a soon future.

Yes. I’m working on two books at the same time.



And that’s it for 2018! 

All in all, it was a great year!

What were your highlights?

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2019?

Let me know in the comments!


11 thoughts on “2018 in Writing

Add yours

  1. I’m still so ridiculously happy about you getting an agent; like you go sis :’)))))
    YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED SO MUCH IN THE WRITING DEPARTMENT, you totally deserve a crown and I’m giving you one rn 👑
    ahhh thanks for the shout-out mate (it’s like you WANT me to cry), I’m forever gonna be extra enthusiastic to make D&L edits for you.
    Also your poems and all the lil bit personal posts last year were literally my fave so I’m hoping you do more of those this year too(!!).
    I’m declaring it rn that your year in writing is gonna be extra amaze this year and my word is law so *shrugs* it just be like dat sometimes, bye.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get my very own crown? omg I can die in peace, you da best.

      Awww, thanks so much, I’ll definitely be writing more of those, now! Like, RN!

      (Yes. I regret to inform you that my very sole puporse in life is to make people cry by the exclusive use of my words MOUHAHAHAHA.)

      Liked by 1 person

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