My 5 (Unusual) Travel Goals of 2019

Almost two months into 2019, and I still haven’t had time to really sit down and plan out where I want to go this year. (AND PLANNING IS LITERALLY MY PASSION SO THIS IS PROOF LIFE HAS BEEN BUSY AF PEOPLE.)

But instead of the usual: I want to go there and there and there! I thought I’d try to make my goals a little different. After all …


So here are my 5 slightly unusual goals of 2019.

1. Take a photo in the Idiom Installation in Prague

I’m going to Prague for the second time, so I’ve been researching unique things to do in this beautiful city and I found an INFINITE TOWER OF BOOKS. I feel like the odds are finally in my favor.

Photo from Atlas Oscura

2. Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg

I’m also going back to Austria for the second time (life is hard, folks), but this time I want to really taste the city of Mozart by attending this awesome dinner concert that makes you travel in time.

Photo from Google

3. Fall asleep to the sound of belugas singing

There’s a place by the Saint-Lawrence river, three hours from where I live (in Quebec), where you can camp by the beach and see belugas and apparently hear them sing during the night. AND I’VE BEEN DYING TO GO FOR THREE SUMMERS, but there are only ten campgrounds available, not to disturb the belugas, and you have to reserve way in advance. I’m reserving today.

Photo from

4. Do a Meditation Retreat

I want to go in Asia.

Really really bad.

And I kind of want to try one of these silent retreats where you meditate all day and nobody’s allowed to speak and you might possibly go completely insane from the silence but it’s okay because you’re in the middle of natural beauty like this:

Photo from dear old Google again

5. Visit Yangzhou Zhonshuge


I don’t understand how this bookstore isn’t what the whole world is talking about all the time? But also, I’m kind of glad I hadn’t heard of it until I started searching REALLY HARD cool things to do in China because that means maybe it won’t be too crowded and I want to live there please.

Photo from Atlas Oscura

 So those are my five unusual goals for the year. Of course I want to do more obvious things like see the Great Wall of China and scubba-dive in Thailand and hike Joy Mountain in Taiwan and drive through the USA in a van and get in a PLANE AND NEVER COME BACK AND OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHY IS MONEY EVEN A CONCEPT?

But one thing at a time.

What are your travel goals for 2019?

Or unusual attractions you wish to see one day?

Let me know in the comments!


11 thoughts on “My 5 (Unusual) Travel Goals of 2019

Add yours

  1. oh look you’re back with another travel post which 1). I adore and 2). makes me hungry for travel, your job here is done

    “Infinite Tower of Books”. That’s it. That’s all you had to say. I’m hooked. Speaking of which, THAT BOOKSTORE IN CHINA? oh my god. That’s the most beautiful thing right there.

    also sjsjsjsj PLEASE COME TO MY DEAR CONTINENT. idk why it makes me so happy but as a fellow Asian, I’d love to read about your travels here. And everywhere.
    Basically, I just love reading about your travels anyway. 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I NEEEEEEEEED numbers 1 and 2!

    So, a very crazy idea… I’m planning on going to Europe by myself from 5-12 October. I have yet to decide on my destination but I want to settle that by the end of March (I’m going to try to make a list of like 4 options this weekend and then go from there) – since my goal is to visit every country/territory in Europe, I’m trying to go to new places rather than visit past faves like Prague… but I would also never say No to a quickie trip to Prague haha. Want to meet up somewhere in Europe, even if it’s for like 1 or 2 days?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EVERYBODY NEEDS NUMBERS 1 & 2! They’re just so cool 😀

      And OMG that would be so cool! Unfortunately my flight to Prague and Austria is already booked, I’m going at the end of May! But if I go back to Europe in October I’ll totally let you know! My plans change a lot and we never know 😀


      1. Haha, well end of May is a nicer time for travel anyway 🙂 well, let me know if you happen to be in Europe that week and it would be cool to meet up!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The Idiom Installation! I’m almost crying at how amazing it is. Go on all of our behalves – I’m so jealous! 😀

    Also – you’re from Canada? Very cool 🙂 I live in South Africa! I’ve visited Canada once when I was in high school, but I’d love to return – my boyfriend and I are even idly talking about making a trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? The Idion Installation is beyond words, it’s too good to be true! I can’t wait!

      Wow! South Africa is so much cooler than Canada! 😀 But I’m so happy to hear you liked it and wish to come back! I love discovering my own country; it’s so big and filled with amazing nature!

      Which city did you visit in high school, and where are you planning on going this time? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Take lots of photos when you go!

        Haha at the moment SA is kind of annoying, to be honest – we’re in the middle of an energy crisis and our electricity is regularly cut off 😐 But as a whole it’s great living here and I’m proud to be South African! It’s also a super fun country to visit.

        I was in Guelph for my last trip – a strange choice 😂 But we were staying with family friends. For now our talks are all very fantastical but I’d love to visit Quebec and Saint-Lawrence. Where would you recommend we visit? 😁

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha, I’m a little ashamed but I didn’t even know where Guelph was haha. I just googled it 😂 Looks lovely, tho!

          Quebec! YAS! I definitely recommend Quebec city! It’s my hometown and it’s absolutely beautiful! I’d be happy to give you tips and show you around if I’m in town! 🙂 And if you come in the summer Gaspesie is absolutely gorgeous, too! If you love hiking, it’s the place to go!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh, don’t be ashamed – the only reason I had even heard of it was because these family friends lived there 😂 It snowed while we were there (my only experience of snow ever), so that was fun!

            Thanks for the recommendations 😀 Hiking is a must, so we’ll add Gaspesie to the list of dream destinations for sure 🙂

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