5 Things I Learned from Sleeping at the Top of a Mountain

Last summer, I did something I’d been dreaming of doing forever: I packed my tent and food and books (obvs) and I hiked up a mountain with the intent of sleeping at the top, ON THE NIGHT OF THE FREAKING PERSEIDS.

Here’s five things I learned from this amazing experience.

1. Don’t start the hike up too late.

I mean, it’s pretty obvious. But I was so freaked out about keeping my sandwich fresh (since I’d be carrying it without an icepack because that meant more weight) that I chose to start around 3PM. (It was only supposed to take two-three hours to get there.) But then I was nervous the whole time up about getting there before it got dark because it’d be REAL DARK UP THERE, PEOPS, so that made the hike a little less enjoyable.

Me, keeping my chill like a pro


 2. Take a nap if you need it.

Fun fact: Did you know that the peak of the Perseids happens at FUCKING LATE O’CLOCK? And I was fighting against exhaustion at 6PM, no joke, when I should’ve just set up my tent, eaten, and taken a well-deserved nap. Then wake up at eleven and enjoy the show all night.

Aaaaaand where was Audrey at the peak of the meteor shower?

falling asleep.gif
Long gone.

3. Don’t bring three books.

YES, I HAVE A PROBLEM. I brought two books + one notebook. Obviously, not everybody needs this advice, but this is a reminder for me.


But always keep in mind to pack as light as possible.

4. Learn a thing or two about night photography.

Taking photos of the Perseids (or the NIGHT IN GENERAL?) is a freaking ART and I know precisely -46% of it and I really wish I had actual photos of mine to remember this amazing night–though I’ll be going back every summer for sure because wow.

So here’s a photo from Google.

(Peace out.)


5. Don’t be stupid like me and make sure your water bottle is securely attached to your pack so it doesn’t fall off on your way down and you have to watch it tumble and tumble for honestly a kilometer long thinking maybe you’ll die today because wtf is this heat should I start praying now or text my family goodbye and oh my god it’s still rolling away and I can’t run this bag is so freaking heavy WHY THE HELL DID I BRING THREE BOOKS WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME I READ 3 LINES TOPS.


Don’t do that.

My camping spot at sunset!

Click here for more photos of this camping trip!

I want to know your favorite camping memory!

Let me know in the comments!


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5 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned from Sleeping at the Top of a Mountain

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  1. honestly, i relate so hard with the books problem, because yes, if my water bottle and book were to tumble down a mountain, you bet your ass i’d be going after the book. which is a huge problem.
    also, omg, the pictures ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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