Why Hiking Fuels my Writing

**Starring: Photos of my latest hike in Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Malbaie National Park, Quebec**

Because it’s the best way to empty my mind of my daily problems.

Because once I let go of those silly problems my mind has space for badass brainstorming.

Because actually getting physical (wink-wink) in any kind of outdoors sports has proven the best way to reduce my anxiety.


Because nature inspired so many great authors in the past, and that inspires me.

Because when I spend a whole day in the middle of the woods I start thinking about people who had to survive in extreme situations and the hows and whys are just next-level inspiring.

Because, The Hunger Games is a miracle of literature and the forest is basically its main character.


Because when you see only trees for hours on end, everything that’s not a tree suddenly becomes THE COOLEST THING EVER LIKE LOOK AT THAT BIRD AND IS THAT A WATERFALL I HEAR? OH MY GOD I’M THE LUCKIEST HUMAN EVER.

(And that inspires me to incorporate more symbolism and other deep stuff in my writing which I often neglect because ACTION and DRAMA get in the way of my positively erratic FEELS.)

Because that view you get once you reach the top, with mountains stretching forever, is the best reminder that anything could happen–in your book and your life.


Because climbing up a mountain is so similar to writing a book; the struggle is real, people, and the feeling of achievement uncomparable.

Because I say so.

Go hike.

Go write.

Go do something 🙂


What fuels your writing?

Or inspires you to go after your dreams?

Let me know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Why Hiking Fuels my Writing

Add yours

  1. now i know the secret behind your insane writing. the real world™.

    “Because when I spend a whole day in the middle of the woods I start thinking about people who had to survive in extreme situations and the hows and whys are just next-level inspiring” << this was beautiful

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  2. Beautiful photos! Personally, I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately and just made some serious progress in combating it, so I say that whatever you have to do to forget the outside world and all its silly pressures, do that.

    And hiking really is a fun and healthy thing to do. As a kid I always loved exploring the forests near wherever I was living. It was just so much more peaceful than the everyday world.

    Keep on hiking!

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      1. Yeah, stress tends to creep in on a daily basis, I definitely agree. I was having so much that I was getting physically sick from it a few weeks back.

        So I changed my perspective. I focus on one single task at a time and only think about that one thing (mainly pertaining to writing and reading and not spreading myself too thin). If something upsets me, I acknowledge the feeling, then release it and find something funny about the situation.

        It’s still a work in progress, but I haven’t gotten stress sick in over a week now.

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        1. I know the feeling too well. That’s great progress, though! I also have to remind myself to focus on one thing at a time; I have a tendency to set up To-Do Lists with a thousand things on them and then I feel guilty if I don’t complete them. I try to set myself a realistic amount of goals, now, haha. That helps 🙂

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          1. Thanks!

            Yeah, I’m also big on lists and am a super hard worker on anything in my life. I have a ton of ambition, but the problem is that one person can’t simply do it all, and that kind of stress can seriously be toxic to your body.

            I may not accomplish quite as much as before, but I can say that I’m a lot less stressed now.

            Best of luck to you too on the less-stress journey! Some extra things that always helped me are meditation (I prefer guided), breathing exercises, and intentionally losing my phone for a certain amount of time in a day.

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              1. Yeah, you’re definitely not alone!

                I have the willpower, just not the time, so me continuing to fight something I can’t defeat just doesn’t work, ya know?

                Oh yeah, I’m purposely “forgetting” my phone right now so I can write, interruption-free.

                Best of luck to you too friend!


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