Writing September // Day 11-20

As you may know, my goal for September is to finish my WIP (a YA dystopian/fantasy). That represents about 40K words to reach a first draft of approximately 75K.

During days 1 to 10, I wrote a sad total of 7, 193 words, reaching 42,193 words.

And now I’m sharing the numbers of the second part of the month, aka THE FREAKING ROLLER COASTER PART BUT IT’S OVER NOW, MR. FRODO.


From day eleven to day seventeen, I kid you not, I wrote ABSOLUTELY ZERO WORDS. It was a disaster. I lost complete faith in the manuscript and somehow convinced myself I needed to start from the very beginning so I spent five days just reoganizing bloody DETAILS and rereading the first chapters.

Needless to say, I was avoiding the difficult scenes ahead because I got really invested in my characters.

It’s the part of the writing process that can only be described in the three following GIFs.


glass case

please help

And then the best thing happened. My best friend basically told me to SNAP OUT OF IT.

And I just started to write.


For the next four days.


Words written: 14,902

Current total: 57,815

Words to goal: 17,185


Guys, I can totally finish this first draft by the end of the month! My motication and inspiration are up to the roof and I’m so happy right now!

How are your writing goals going?

Are you also working on a first draft?

Or are you at another stage of the writing process?

Let me know in the comments!

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