Cover Reveal Devonna + Gift


My upcoming YA novel officially has a cover and it’s absolutely stunning! I love it so much and I’m so freaking excited to share it with you guys today!

glass case


Six years after the death of her cousin, Devonna Moreau still carries the numbing weight of guilt on her soul. People say it wasn’t her fault, but they don’t know she might’ve been able to save her were it not for her condition and biggest secret: she cannot physically feel anything.

Not a breeze or a kiss or a punch.

Until one day her skin reacts to the touch of a reserved young man named Bram Hanaghan. Which would be great, if Bram was actually alive.

But he’s a ghost.

While Devonna wishes to use that mysterious link with the dead to find her cousin, other vengeful ghosts have plans of their own for the feelless girl.

Unthinkable plans that will forever change her life–and death.




It’s so dark and mysterious and perfect for the tone and themes of Devonna!

What do you guys think of the cover? 

Let me know in the comments!

Here’s a gift to celebrate! I’m offering the first two chapters of DEVONNA for free! Get them now simply by subscribing to AWA right here!

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