This blog is about Audrey.
A girl who writes.
And travels.

She likes to write/read speculative fiction, mostly YA, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia…
She’s your regular cat-lover, tea-drinker, and eavesdropper writer.
She’s guilty of judging books by their covers, sometimes.
And by their first sentences.
First impressions are important, okay?

She loves cats a lot, but doesn’t have one.
Her mom is allergic.
Yes, she still lives at her parents’, all right?
Travelling is expensive.
She loves leaving as much as coming back.
She’s ashamed of that.
But not really.

She won a contest led by The Write Practice in 2015, for her short story, That’s Not My Dog.
She’s proud of that.
She writes in French too.
The first chapter of one of her WIP was published in French in Le Crachoir de Flaubert.

She would love to read your comments through her blog, or answer your questions via email:


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Audrey! I just wanted to stop and say hello, and that I want to support you, your writing and your travels however possible. I’m honestly amazed that you found my blog, considering how much similarity there is in our interests/objectives, and that we’re both posting about Spain right now. I’ve really enjoyed your creative writing so far, and your attitude about travel 🙂 if you ever want a critical eye for a piece of writing, a photo, encouragement or just to discuss things, I’m here. Happy to see your blog.

    Be well ❤

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    1. Hello Andrea! Thanks so much for your great message! I’m always happy to share and discuss about my passions! 🙂 I really enjoy your blog; I think you have a way to see things differently and that’s what makes it so unique. I’ll leave you a comment in your contact page so you know my email address and we can exchange in the future. Take care!

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