Young adult.




A pinch of sass.

Dean & Lily is a fast-read, dystopian story in the form of short episodes, each under 500 words (2-min read). 


Five years ago, the Arts were considered a hindrance to the cause and banned. But Dean and Lily disagree with the leaders of their country.

When joining the Troupe (an illegal organization fighting to save the past and future of the artistic world) the former drama-magnet couple is going to have to face their love troubles in order to fight for what they believe in.





Read the first episode (345 words)

Episode 1

The stench of flood and rotten apples is so strong I almost faint as I climb over the fence. I put on the mask they asked me to bring and step into the darkness of the orchard.

I grin.

The thick mud stains my new shoes but I don’t care. This school year has to be good because A, I’m invited to the Troupe’s Initiation, and B, Dean isn’t.

It’s probably childish of me to find satisfaction in the fact that my ex-boyfriend isn’t invited to the city’s biggest secret society when I am, but…  Continue reading here.

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