How I Travel So Much

The Travel More series was inspired by Marica, who asked me a few questions about my travel habits that I hope I’ll be able to answer in my next three posts! (Thank you so much for your interest and your loyal follow of my blog, Marica! You’re the  best!)

Before I jump into this, I’d like to share with you something that annoys me.

What annoys the hell out of me: When I announce to my friends that I’m going to, say Ireland, and they all go: “OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO LUCKY!”

Of course I get that it’s something we say without thinking, like whenever we see two people vaguely alike we go: “Gosh, are you twins?” But telling me that I’m lucky to go to Ireland is like telling me that Ireland picked me. That I won the lottery. That a plane ticket got accidentally sent to my email address and I thought, “Might as well go then!”

And that’s not how my travels happen.

At all.

I travel as much as I do for 5 reasons. Here they are:



I want to travel.

So I do.

Simple as that.

I don’t let anyone convince me otherwise. So what if I’m a solo female traveler? I made a vow to myself not to postpone the things that I want, and I respect that vow like there is no tomorrow, because honestly, pals, who knows if there is  a tomorrow?



Those of you who’ve been following me for a while know that I have two dreams.

  1. To travel the whole wide universe.

  2. To get tradionally published.

And whenever I have to make decisions, I ask myself if they’re going to get in the way of these dreams. For example, I avoid friendships with people that don’t respect my dreams and don’t understand why I spend my weekends writing when I could be going out with them.

Or I pick jobs that I know I won’t mind quitting on a whim if there’s a huge sale on a flight to Iceland. Which brings me to #3.



I work with the sole intent to pay for the stuff I need to survive–nothing more. I don’t do extra shifts to please my boss (I used to do that for a few years until I realized I was just burning myself out for someone else’s dream, forgetting about mine.)

And in the stuff I need in order to survive, there’s travelling. So the minute I get enough money for a trip, I quit that job. (Don’t worry, I’m not ungrateful, I give a two-week notice … usually … when my boss isn’t a self-absorbed dickwad … which happened one time out of one in the 23 jobs I had.)

Yes. I had 23 jobs.

Working is not my life. I don’t think it should be anyone’s life. Unless your working towards your dreams.

Quitting poisonous jobs is freaking liberating and addictive.

Also, school isn’t a priority of mine either. I dropped out of school four times in order to travel. So I’m probably not a role model. But my goal is to be a writer, and I really think the only way to do that is to live as much as I can. Out there in the actual world.

Never let schooling interfere with your education.
– Mark Twain



This goes along with number 2; matching my life decisions with my dreams.

Until recently, I was still living at my parents’ to save money for my travels. And when it was time to pick an appartment for myself, I picked a small studio that was as cheap as possible, centered in the middle of the city so I could walk to my job and save money on transport.

In Quebec, cell phones are insanely expensive so I spent two years without one, saving about over 1000$. (That’s a trip right there.) Yes, everyone thought I was crazy, but I don’t think we should pile up possessions just to fit in with everyone else. I freaking love the simplicity and unclutterness of my appartment, and that each and single thing I do own has an emotional meaning to me.

Check out Hey Nadine’s videos on YouTube on the subject. She’s awesome.


When a friend asks me if I want to travel with them, I’m like:


YES. Of course I do!

And yes, sometimes I’m tight on money, or I’ve got life circumstances that might get in the way, but I don’t let them. I work those extra shifts and I budget a little more, eyes on the goal, period.

That’s how I ended up in Hawaii with a friend of mine, knowing I’d get back home on my first day of University ever, meaning I’d be completely jetlag for my first classes. So what? I don’t remember my first class anyway. BUT I REMEMBER BEING UP THERE:

Oahu, Hawaii

And when I met awesome people in Nicaragua who asked me to join them in Mexico for New Year’s Eve, I said YES!

Mexico in Black & White Photos

Opportunities happen everywhere, all the time, it’s just a matter of seizing them. Of getting out of your comfort zone.


The more you travel, the more opportunities to travel you’ll create, because you’ll meet a bunch of awesome travellers who will inspire you to go to places you never thought of (and most importantly will invite you to stay at their place for free when you visit 😀 )

That’s how I could afford going to Germany. (THANK YOU, JULIA!)

Berlin, Germany

And Switzerland. (I MISS YOU, VANIA!)

Luzern, Switzerland

That’s it for today.

Stay tuned for part 2 & 3, where I’ll talk about packing and planning!

Until then, let us reflect on this Ryan Goslin GIF.

what do you want

Okay, I’m off to watch The Notebook.


7 thoughts on “How I Travel So Much

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  1. YAYYYYY for these posts! 😀 I follow a few other travelling bloggers and I enjoy learning about their different approaches to travel – why they do what they do, what they take with them, planning, etc.

    My friend is similar to you in that she’s keeping her possessions minimal so that she can save faster for travel.

    I had really hoped to travel with someone – I traveled alone before, but I wanted to be with someone so that I could share memories and experiences with another person. But I don’t really have friends and currently I’m not dating (and at my rate, likely never) so I need to get myself used to travelling alone again and make the most of that time alone again. I’m also not getting any younger! I’m hoping that London next spring will be a good first step for me.

    I look forward to your other posts! ❤


    1. Honestly when I travel alone and stay in hostels, I meet so much people and I love making memories with them; we’re from all over the globe and have so much to share! Even if you book a private room in a hostel, you’ll meet other solo travelers at breakfast or in the kitchen, or you can sign up to the activities like walking tours around the city and there you’ll meet a bunch of people just waiting for fellow travelers to make memories with! Hostels are awesome for that!
      I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life in London! I can look through my journals if you want, I remember writing down my favorite hostels to stay in London! ❤
      So glad you enjoyed this post! Next one will be up really soon! 😀


  2. This post reminded me why I was so obsessed with your blog when I was new to blogging (I still am- duh- but this is what drew me in). Have I ever mentioned you were one of the very first bloggers I had a contiguous interaction with? I am a huge nerd for your travel posts. I love how “no nonsense, get the job done” they are. It completely reminds me of Damon and Jo’s channel on YT. And you know what? I want to travel the heck out my life once I’m old enough to travel alone (okay, I turn 18 in two months and graduate from high school in a little over 4 months after my birthday so it’s gonna happen soon). And I need that no-nonsense encouragement. I’m literally saving this post. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO START TRAVELING! I want to read all about it on your blog ahhhhh! And it’s so soon! Yay! And I’m so honoured that my travel posts would inspire you to “go get it” haha. I feel like I’ve been in a constant fight with myself since I’m 17 to find the courage to travel alone and dream big despite what everyone around me was saying, so if I can inspire at least ONE person out there not to wait as long as I did, then my work here is done ❤
      P.S. You were one of the first bloggers I had a continuous interaction with, too, and every time I read one of your comments I laugh out loud and you make my day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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