Day 2 // Pet Peeves

Welcome back to my TEN DAYS OF WRITING challenge! Yesterday, we went through our Favorite First Chapters, so it’s only fitting that today I’ll be discussing my Top 5 Worst First Chapters Pet Peeves. 

This is actually something that I’ve covered before. Here’s the full post.

But if you just want the short list, I feel ya. Here goes:


ONE //

Your first chapter is from the POV of some random character we’ll never see again.

This is just frustrating. Gets me invested in the wrong pal.

TWO //

NUMBER-TWO: Never-ending first chapter.

Do you know where your story begins?


Five thousand decades ago when nobody cared.

Again. Do you know where to begin? Will you know when to end?


I wake up at seven and then I brush my teeth and then I yawn and scroll down IG and then…

I get that your MC is a teenager convinced his life is the most boring one ever but please, please, PLEASE, skip the boring part for us.


The Lightseeker touched the Orb and now all the Darkminions are approaching Krakav Land so we must call the Great Elf.

Keep us in the loop, we don’t speak your language yet!


Those are my pet peeves when it comes to first chapters, better explained here. There are plenty of others, of course. The first paragraph being a description of the main character while he looks at his reflection in the mirror usually makes me give up the book entirely.

Or starting with a really dark mood where the MC tells you he’s a killer and a monster, only to realize a few chapters later he just feels guilty he coulnd’t save his sister in the car accident they were in … I feel like I’m being lied to just for the sake of catching my interest quickly. But if the mood of the beginning doesn’t add up with the rest of the story, you’ll lose me pretty fast!

Let’s Write!

For the comment section below:

  1. What are some of your worst pet peeves when it comes to first chapters?
  2. What’s a trope you think has been done to many times in book beginnings?

For your personal wordcount:

  1. Write a first chapter with as many clichés and pet peeves of yours as you can think of. This is called getting the bad ideas out of the way. Sometimes when I’m stuck, I’ll put down on paper as many bad ideas as I can, and that leaves some space in my mind to brainstorm the good ones. So vomit away the worst first chapter you can think of. Have fun!

Click here to keep track of your wordcount with me!

Ten days of writing

That’s it for today!

Now go write!

Until tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Day 2 // Pet Peeves

Add yours

  1. Oooo, the one with the weird vocabulary. I think I only had that once and it definitely made it difficult to really get into the book.

    Sometimes I’ve had a first chapter which was heavy on the scenery setting. I really like dialogue so when I see like ten solid pages of large paragraphs at the very beginning just describing London fog (like the book I’m reading now, “Bleak House” by Dickens), it starts to feel tiring haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! Great one! For me, it’s so important to get to a dialogue real fast in the first chapter. This is how I get to know the characters and how they think and what they want to, which is super important for me 🙂


  2. I hate a boring first chapter. I also feel like there’s a trope lately in YA fantasy/dystopian, where the main characters begins in a jail or dungeon of some kind, and the mystery is about how they ended up there. I feel like it’s been done too many times, now.

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