Top 3 Books of October

Hello fellow book lovers!

How was the month of October for everyone?

October was full of ups and downs for me:

UPS (Not the delivery company as you probably understood why am I pointing this out?)

  1. I received AWESOME reviews from my lovely beta readers for Dean & Lily – Season 2, which is coming out in 6 days AHHHHHH.
  2. I went to Toronto for a few days and had a major book haul at Chapters Indigo 🖤
  3. I wrote and posted a deliciously creepy short story for Halloween with the marvellous Nimika. It’s set in a haunted Asylum.


  1. My course/long-trip to Toronto was canceled.
  2. I stretched the freaking limits of my anxiety issues! That was fun! (Though I listen to a lot of Tony Robbins every day, and now I’m pretty great. Being jobless and having actual time in my hands helps, like, a lot.)
  3. It started snowing. So of course I got my first cold.


But enough complaining, now let us celebrate great books, especially the ones that help us carry on with the little obstacles every day.

Here are my Top 3 Books of October:

#3. Things I Don’t Want to Know, by Deborah Levy

That woman had such a fascinating life, and her reflections on women and writing are so freaking on point.

things i don't wanna know

#2. Saga, Volume 1, by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan

OH MY GOD why am I poor I need that entire series!


#1. Me Before You, Jojo Moyes

Can’t believe I still hadn’t read that.

Can’t believe how much I cried.


That’s it for me!

Let me know how was your month of October in October!

What were your favorite reads this month?


Don’t forget to check out Night at the Asylum!


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