Day 7 // Voice

Finding your voice as a writer may seem daunting, but it’s something you have to think about before starting a novel, or chances are your voice is going to change throughout the book, and that means a lot of rewriting.

So how do you find your author voice?

For today’s topic, I’ve scoured the internet for articles that stood out from the usual write every day piece of advice While this is should definitely be taken seriously, we’ve heard it before. We know.

My favorite post on voice was the following: 5 Ways to Develop Your Writer’s Voice, by Jennifer Louden.


I absolutely recommend reading this article if you’re struggling to find your voice as a writer, or simply if that topic interests you. Today, I’m going to focus on my two favorite ways out of Jennifer’s five.

ONE: Show your mistakes

What happens if you erase your first inkling? You interrupt the flow that will soon lead you to what you really want to say. Tidying as you go cuts off your process.

TWO: Focus on your reader–or not

They say you have to know your audience, and it’s true. You need to know who exactly this book is for. Who’s the perfect reader for this particular story you’re telling.?But sometimes that can make you stress so much over getting it perfectly right from the first draft that you’ll get stuck getting any word on the page. As Louden says:

Bring your reader in on the second or even third draft. Sometimes your voice needs some privacy to reveal itself.


To find your voice, write every day. Don’t edit as you go. Read out loud. Know who the story is for, but write the first draft privately. Read as much as you can, and notice why you love what you love, and hate what you hate. Write, read, just keep going. It’ll come naturally.

Let’s Write

For the comment section below:

  1. Is there an author you love to read because of his or her voice?
  2. What helped you to hone your writer voice?

For your personal wordcount:

  1. Write for thirty minutes without editing a single word. Write for yourself, with nothing in mind but writing for the sake of writing. Let the piece sit for a few days before going back to it. Is it different from what you usually write?

Click here to keep track of your wordcount with me!

Ten days of writing

That’s it for me!

Happy writing, everyone!

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