Top 5 Books I Read During Quarantine


Of course, I read less than I usually do because mental health and quarantine do not go together. But I’m finally finding my rhythm again, which is great news! And I still read quite a few books, considering, including some new favorites!

Anyway, here are the top 5 books I read during this weirdly awesome and terrifying time.

Top 5 quarantine

ONE: Skyward, Brandon Sanderson

Okay, so this was my first Sanderson book, and I get the hype now. Skyward was so awesome. Skyward was so awesome. Skyward was so awesome. Skyward was so awesome. Skyward was so awesome. Skyward was so awesome. (Really this would be my entire review I could go on.)

TWO: Becoming, Michelle Obama

I started reading audiobooks during qarantine while taking long walks in the woods. And having Michelle Obama narrate me her stories as I breathed in the smell of melting snow and wet forest was just LIFE. Truly recommend the audiobook for this one.

THREE: Beach Read, Emily Henry

Okay. This.

This is the comfort read you NEED, I am telling you. And it was so clever and full of really importand topics. I’m so glad I was recommended this one by the lovely Jasmine from readingwithjax!

FOUR: Born a Crime, Trevor Noah

I laughed, and I cried, and I would do it again. This is such an amazing book. (Again, I went audio for this one and it was the ultimate experience.)

FIVE: Reread of The Hunger Games.

I don’t know if quarantine was like that for you too, but it totally put me in the biggest nostalgic mood of all times. I found myself cravings things that I had been obsessed with in the past, so I rewatched The 100 and I reread The Hunger Games. (Plus, it was preparation for the new book, which I still need to read, whoops.)

So there you have them, my favorite reads of quarantine!

What were yours?

Let me know below!

Stay safe!



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Books I Read During Quarantine

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  1. Ohhhh when you read “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” I can’t wait for your review – I got it as a birthday gift and I read it earlier this month 😀 And it has me wanting to reread the Hunger Games as well!

    I have about three more posts to write on my blog about my quarantine-era reads to catch up to my number now XD Luckily my book now is a slow crawl so I’ll catch up soon enough lol

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