My Top 5 To Do in Maui, Hawaii

In January 2014, I was in Hawaii. One of my favourite islands in the recluse state of the USA was definitely Maui, and here’s what I liked the most to do over there.


5. Spend time by the Banyan Tree
Can you believe that’s actually just one tree?

4. Drive along the Road to Hana
Narrow, curvy, and beautiful.

3. Do the Maui Gold Pineapple Tour
Right in the fields, tasting pineapples that couldn’t be fresher.

2. Wander through a rain forest

1. Walk along the Kapalua Coastal Trail

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    1. That’s the Road toward to town of Hana. We rented a car and went at our own pace, stopping for dips into natural pools, strolls in the rain forests and small hikes. This precise spot on the picture is somewhere between Kahului (where we slept since it was the nearest from the airport) and Wailua. The road to Hana is truly nice, I’d really recommend it! But it’s good that you’re planning ahead because the map we had wasn’t that clear and we never found the entrance to the hike we wanted to do. But we found shorter one that was still great. The Twin Falls (number two on this list) I hope this helps 🙂 Feel free to ask me more questions! Have a nice trip!


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