5 Places I Want to See Again

There are many places on my bucket list (the whole world) and I try to focus on new places to visit as much as I can, but today I want to take a pause and think about a few of my favorite places in the world. Places I would go back to without a second thought, given the chance. Here they are:

5. CroatiaDSCF5652

It might look small on a map, but there’s tons of things to do in Croatia, and I only got to visit a few cities when I went. I did visit the Plitvice Lakes twice, and I would totally visit them again.

Dubrovnik City Walls
View from the City Walls

 4. Ireland DSCF1800

Ireland is filled with natural wonders, and it would take a whole year to see them all!


3. Hawaii DSCF2801

First: I never got to visit the island of Kauai.

Second: I really want to do more hiking everywhere in Hawaii!


2. New Brunswick new-bruns

Well, because when I went, I was too young to appreciate it entirely, I’m afraid. And I didn’t take many pictures.

1. Poland DSCF3892

Because I fell in love with it.


Where would you guys want to visit again, and why?

Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “5 Places I Want to See Again

Add yours

  1. I want to see the Taj Mahal one more time as well as the great wall of China. I stood on it and hardly saw any of it because of heavy, heavy fog.

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      1. All the fog and rain made for a very mystical atmosphere. You can take a look at my pictures from my China post if you like.

        Another place I’d love to go back to is Turkey. It’s such a diverse country with a great culture and very tasty food.

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  2. Ahh, Croatia! I was only in Zagreb for two days, but loved it. I want to revisit Croatia again. On your list, I also hope to visit Poland.

    On my list of places to see again… Czech Republic, definitely, because Prague was my first city abroad and I absolutely fell in love with it and the other Czech towns I’ve visited. I would also like to further explore Germany (I was only in Frankfurt for a weekend and most of that time was with distant family members who were hosting me) and Netherlands (because there’s definitely a lot more to NL than Amsterdam [I reunited with a college acquaintance there for two days]).

    Australia too – I was born there, but moved to America when I was five. I have yet to return there in 22.5 years. My sister and dad spent four weeks there in 2009, but at that time I was studying in Prague. Sigh.


    1. You’re lucky to have connections in Germany and NL! And I can’t imagine the feeling you would get if you ever go back to Australia. It must be strange yet magic to go back after so long. I hope you get to do all those wonderful reunions with those wonderful cities! 🙂


    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It was impossible to select only five ahah, I would too go back everywhere! How come you have bad memories of Cambodia? I haven’t been yet, but I heard great things.


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