6 More Tips To Make Your Dream Trips Happen

Nice, France

As I previously said, I usually need to switch my default setting from I So Badly Want To Go There One Day, to OMG, I’m Really Doing This? Let Me Get My Shit Together And I’m Ready To Go, in order to make a trip happen. And here are more ways for me to achieve this:

  1. Simulate a last-minute packing. It’s practice and it’s fun—at least for me. And throwing your full backpack on your shoulders will just make your feet itch.
  2. Keep your camera at sight. Sweet torture. Every time I see my camera in a corner of my room, bored and empty, I just want to give it a thousand new sceneries to photograph and the next thing I know I’m in a train with twenty missed calls from my boss.
  3. Write about the day you’ll leave and the day you’ll be back. In other words, visualize. Go into details. Who came to get you at the airport? What souvenirs did you bring? Did you lose anything during the trip? Going over everything that could go wrong and how you overcame the obstacles is a great way to eliminate fear. Leave some place on that page for the happy memories too!
  4. Try recipes and learn the language of your destination. When I taste the spices and the words of my dream destination, it makes me downright fall in love, and nothing can stop true love, right?
  5. Say yes every time your boss needs you. A) More money for the trip. B) Boss will less hate you if you leave with a two-hour notice.
  6. Make a crapload of lists about the trip. Things you need to pack, activities you want to do, cities that interest you the most, food you have to taste, and on and on. There’s nothing sadder than to find an incomplete list, and no bigger contemporary urge than to check things off.
Rocks Lokrum
Dubrovnik, Croatia

How do you motivate yourself to leave for your dream trips when fear and time and money and life dispirit you? Feel free to share!

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  1. I totally agree… I can relate to points 2 to 6 totally! I got my travel backpack 2 days ago, so I will most certainly try #1 too now. And on the 4th of May, I am off for my dream trip!! Yay!

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