I need to see the sea – Spontaneous flight to Croatia

Lokrum Island
Lokrum Island

Day 65. I grew geographically claustrophobic at the thought of being squared by cities. BrusselsAmsterdam, Warsaw, Berlin; all amazing places, but all big cities, in the very middle of the country, surrounded by tall buildings and cars. I needed to see the sea, the ocean, or at least a huge lake. I needed to not be able to see the end of the water, to feel like it’s never-ending, like there’s no way to grasp it all or even to see it all. I dread finality. “Arrived to destination” is my biggest phobia.

So I flew to Croatia, that land embracing the sea. (Also, I kinda needed to get out of the Schengen Zone for a few weeks because of that little Agreement thingy.) But mostly, I wanted to feel like anywhere but in a city and the Balkans are amazing for that.

I arrived at precisely one o’clock in the morning, and since I had booked an airport pick-up with my hostel, for the first time in my life a stranger was waiting for me holding a crippled paper with my name on it. I couldn’t help grinning.

But half-way to the hostel, the driver tells me he can’t drop me at the door.

“What’s that?” I ask.
“No cars allowed in Old Town. You room in Old Town.”
Out loud: “Oh, I see.”
Interiorly: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”
“You not worry. You walk the rest. I tell you the way. Very simple.”

It’s one o’clock in the morning, if I get lost, I have no clue where I am, no way to contact anyone. No way.

Night in Dub
Night in the Old Town of Dubrovnik

The streets must be quiet after 10 p.m, so there’s no one around, and it’s basically a maze of old stairs. But it is easy to find the place, as long as you don’t lose the number of streets you pass, because the names are all the same to a tourist. Kovačka, Zamanjina, Boškovićeva….

Like the driver had said, there was a key in the mailbox for me, so I could access my room and that room was just amazing. Old and amazing and I couldn’t help dancing without music for a wonderful moment, then I slid into bed, feeling that good old rush in my belly: I couldn’t wait for morning to come and that quiet rule to rise so I could explore all of Dubrovnik.


The next day I went to the beach since I’d been dying to see the sea. Then I spent an afternoon in a café, just writing and thinking about what I’d be doing in Europe for the remaining time I had–a month precisely. On the second day, I woke up super early to be the first one in the City Walls, and it was fantastic. The whole city was asleep, the weather was crazy perfect, and the scenery was a jump in the past (or in a Game of Thrones episode). Then I hopped in a boat and spent the rest of the day on Lokrum Island, where you can sit on the throne of the famous TV show, run in the forest, jump in the Dead Sea, and feel like the only one in the world.

***Translation = happiness***

Walking along the City Walls
Walking along the City Walls
Pool on Lokrum Island
Dead Sea on Lokrum Island

And yeah, I missed the boat back and ended up waiting two hours on the island for the next one, but, um, I didn’t care.

Robin on Lokrum
Robin and I don’t care

Fail Count: 2
Total: 81

8 thoughts on “I need to see the sea – Spontaneous flight to Croatia

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  1. AUDREY FRANCIS PLANTE LERMAN. TU MAVAIS PAS DIS QUE TU ETAIS SEULE DANS LES RUES DE CROATIE A 1H DU MATIN. je remercie le seigneur que tu sois encore en vie. seigneur. je suis en train davoir une attaque. je suis soulagée que toute cette témérité soit maintenant derriere nous. thank god pour ta mom, sinon jenvoyais une escouade de surveillance pour les semaines qui restent. LOVE YOU.


  2. I’m such a big fan of the show Game of Thrones. So jalous you went there. I’ll make sure to go someday. Were you able to take a picture with the … THRONE ? Is it actually there ? Croatia seems simply beautiful, a true jump in the past, like you say. Good writting, good story. It was nice reading you. I’ll definitely continue to follow you.


  3. Dear Audrey,

    I almost had a heart attack reading you. What an adventurius young woman you are ! You little room is a delight for the eye. Croatia seems old, romantic and charming. Did you spend a few days there ? Was the Game of Thrones attraction free ? Were you able to bring back souvenirs ?

    Adorable to see your picture with Robin. It touches me deeply to see through this your connection with your sisters.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. Such a pleasure reading you, as always.



    1. Hello Hether,
      Yes, the small Game of Thrones Museum was free, but it wasn’t exactly announced, so I had to look for it. I spent about 5 days in Dubrovnik, but I didn’t bring any souvenirs because it’s probably the most touristic city of Croatia and it’s quite expensive. I waited to be in other places like Zadar, the Plitvice Lakes, and Zagreb. (Upcoming posts)
      Always nice to hear from you!
      All best.


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