Writing September // Day 21-30

I DID IT! I wrote a book in a month! More specifically, I wrote 40 000 additional words to an existing 35 000-word YA dystopian WIP I had, resulting in a 75K first draft.



I have to say, the month started on a poor note.

During days 1 to 10, I wrote 7 193 words.

During days 11 to 20, I wrote 14 902 words.

And during days 21 to 30, I wrote 17 244 words!

Plus the words I already had in bank for this project, I reached a total of 75 059 words, and I’m sooooo happy, because by the end of the month, writing every day was no longer a chore or something I had to motivate and mentally prepare myself in order to do, it was the other way around.

It became a habit that became a need.

And letting go of the project was the hardest part.

I feel so EMPTY now.

I miss my characters.


But this draft needs to rest a little bit so I can go back to it with some distance and edit the hell out of it!

So for now, on to the next project, which means DEVONNA BOOK 2!

(On that topic, did you know the release date for Devonna is officially Oct. 18? And oh my god, folks, I can’t wait to share the cover with you because it’s looking absolutely STUNNING and I’m so excited I feel like a kid who just learned there’d be a Halloween EVERY month for the next couple of years!

so excited

And you can get the first chapters of Devonna for free, right now, right here! So go ahead and support a debut author because why not?

Devonna Moreau is a seventeen-year-old who cannot physically feel anything, except the touch of ghosts.

It’s the perfect read for the Halloween season 😉

How was your September?

Did you accomplish the goals you’d set yourself?

What are you planning for October?

Let’s chat in the comments! 🙂


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  1. That is so wonderful, such a huge accomplishment. For October, I just want to continue to study for my exam and make sure I don’t completely loose myself it in. Fingers crossed I keep a balance!

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